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Animal Hospital in Manassas, Virginia

Animal Medical & Surgical Services

Find the solution to your pet's medical problems at Southside Animal Hospital. We provide comprehensive animal medical and surgical services specifically for dogs and cats. Whether your pet has a condition that requires laser surgery or it needs a dental procedure for better oral health, we have the equipment and skills to correct the problem.

Pet Products

While we're taking care of your dogs and cats, shop for name-brand pet care products at our in-house pharmacy. We have everything from flea treatments to heartworm medication to keep your dog hygienically clean and in excellent health.
Schedule an appointment for the latest in veterinary care and treatment and then bring your pets to our animal hospital in Manassas, Virginia.

About Us

Striped Cat - Animal Hospital in Manassas, VA
Pamper your dogs and cats with first-class veterinary care from our animal hospital in Manassas, Virginia. Since 1987, Southside Animal Hospital has provided medical and surgical treatment for the area's family pets. Since we're a small veterinary facility with a family-friendly atmosphere, we provide pets and their owners with personalized attention. Our staff has more than 30 years of combined experience in the veterinary medical field.